Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion Chat


■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Hey.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Anyone here yet?
DJ_Hyperfresh > Helloooooooooooo?
■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has joined the chatroom.
MC.Princess > Ayo its Pearl! aka MC Princess, aka The Baroness of Bars, aka MC Foreign Policy
DJ_Hyperfresh > ...
MC.Princess > OH SNAP its Marina
DJ_Hyperfresh > Hey, Pearl...
MC.Princess > aka DJ Hyperfresh
MC.Princess > aka DJ Cold Breakfast, aka The Fuzzy Dazzler, aka DJ Catch-and-Release
■Webmaster■ > CraigCuttlefish has joined the chatroom.
MC.Princess > Bahaha! Dudes screen name is just his first and last name. Gotta love old people lol
DJ_Hyperfresh > Hi, Captain Cuttlefish! Can you see the chatroom okay on your cell phone?
MC.Princess > Hit the caps lock key, cap
DJ_Hyperfresh > It should be the button in the lower left, depending on your phone.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Btw, I was able to hack into the CQ-80, so Agent 8 should be able to see our chat logs.
CraigCuttlefish > Te$+, 1 @M cUtTleF:$h
DJ_Hyperfresh > Agent 8, we'll send you a dump of our latest chat logs every few stages. Keep an eye out!
MC.Princess > Yo cap how did you even type like that? You gotta show me.


MC.Princess > Yo I'ma go cop some snacks PEECE
DJ_Hyperfresh > OK, gotcha!
■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has left the chatroom.
CraigCuttlefish > roger dodger
DJ_Hyperfresh > FYI - I've been using the CQ-80s coordinates to gather location data as Agent 8 passes each test.
DJ_Hyperfresh > This place must be deep beneath the surface. It seems to be under the influence of a powerful magnetic force...
DJ_Hyperfresh > Too powerful for conventional models to simulate actually. Based on the numbers I'm seeing, powerful enough to distort spacetime itself!
DJ_Hyperfresh > Captain, have you observed any abnormalities in your surroundings there?
CraigCuttlefish > IM0KoWrU
DJ_Hyperfresh > Uh... Is that supposed to be some kind of secret code? Or did you just butt text me?
CraigCuttlefish > bRiTe aNd bAd
DJ_Hyperfresh > Okay, definitely butt texting.
CraigCuttlefish > H@nGrY4sUsH-E
DJ_Hyperfresh > Riiiiiiight...
DJ_Hyperfresh > Anyway, it's almost like your location is in a different dimension than Inkopolis.
DJ_Hyperfresh > As long as Agent 8 keeps passing tests, we should be able to figure out what's going on.
DJ_Hyperfresh > We'll support you as much as we can, Agent 8. Keep it up!


MC.Princess > Yo how do I make the chat window full screen?
DJ_Hyperfresh > Alt-F4
■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has left the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Can't believe that actually worked...
DJ_Hyperfresh > Anyway, nice work passing those tests, Agent 8.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Unfortunately, I haven't discovered anything new since our last chat log, so we're kinda stuck in the mud.
DJ_Hyperfresh > But in the meantime, I was thinking we could get to know each other better by posting pics of ourselves!
DJ_Hyperfresh > Here, I'll go first...
DJ_Hyperfresh >
DJ_Hyperfresh > Whoops. Wrong pic!
CraigCuttlefish > now what do we have here
DJ_Hyperfresh > Uh, it's an old picture of Pearl.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Don't tell her I said this, but Pearl is srsly the coolest.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Aaaaaanyway, back to work. We'll have to save picture sharing for later.


■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has joined the chatroom.
MC.Princess > I'm baaack!!!1
CraigCuttlefish > yes you are
MC.Princess > Marina? you here?
CraigCuttlefish > shes in the head
MC.Princess > The head?
MC.Princess > Whatever
MC.Princess > YO why is there a pic of me posted in here?!!!
MC.Princess > Isn't this against the law or something? Some data breach invasion of privacy thing?
MC.Princess > Oooh...we're doin intros. just read that part.
MC.Princess > OK, then it's my turn to post a pic of Marina! BOOM!
MC.Princess >
MC.Princess > This is when we first met. Back in the day.
MC.Princess > Here's a bonus one, just cuz
MC.Princess >
MC.Princess > HAHAHA! Like "Ay, wake yo sleepy head up!"
■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > PEARL!
■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has left the chatroom.


DJ_Hyperfresh > Battery's almost dead. I'm gonna go grab my charger.
MC.Princess > Word
■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has left the chatroom.
MC.Princess > Man, there's nuthin to do when it's just me and you here cap...
CraigCuttlefish > what do you mean
MC.Princess > Uuuuugh i'm booored
MC.Princess > But maybe I'll do a lil research on u. See whhat kinda dirt I can dig up.
CraigCuttlefish > i have nothing to hide
MC.Princess > We'll see
MC.Princess >
MC.Princess > The heck is this?
MC.Princess > "The Squidbeak Splatoon, led by Second Lieutenant Cuttlefish, visited grievous losses upon the forces of the enemy during the bitter siege of Arowana Castle."
CraigCuttlefish > that takes me back
MC.Princess > Dang cap. Guess ur the real deal.


MC.Princess > Yo what's taking Marina so long?
MC.Princess > That reminds me, we can check in on 8 using our video link, but you can't see us, right cap?
CraigCuttlefish > thats correct
MC.Princess > So you probably can't tell but just between you and me, Marina's kind of a weirdo. She's like freakishly tall and way to smart for her own good
MC.Princess > just the other day she built an entire battle stage all by herself. It had huge floating rocks and everything. Crazy right?
CraigCuttlefish > making rocks float
CraigCuttlefish > thats octo tech
MC.Princess > What do you mean?
CraigCuttlefish > you know. the octarian menace
MC.Princess > You mean those guys who lost the Great Turf War forever ago? We learned about them in school, but like...
MC.Princess > Hold up. You're not sayin Marina is working for the Octarian army. Are you?
CraigCuttlefish > i think you need to see this. its from my top secret octarian dossier

Marina Ida


・Age 6: Enrolled in the elementary training program at Slimeskin Garrison.

・Age 9: Skipped multiple grades. Took only advanced courses. Graduated.

・Age 10: Member of Flooder design team (fully automated cleaning weapon).

・Age 13: Joined Slimeskin Garrison. Specialized in improving Great Octoweapons.

・Age 16: Assigned to DJ Octavio's wasabi supply unit. Earned multiple commendations.

・Same year: Went AWOL after coming within audible range of the Calamari Inkantation sung by the New Squidbeak Splatoon. According to witness interviews, she said "This changes everything," before vanishing.

CraigCuttlefish > Marina Ida
MC.Princess > member of Flooder design team?
CraigCuttlefish > those flooders are ruthless splatting machines they did in Agent 3 more times than i can count
MC.Princess > WHAT. Nah, Marina would never design something like that
CraigCuttlefish > its right there in the file
MC.Princess > now that you mention it, Marina IS totally obsessed with machines. And she's definitely the hardest working person i know
CraigCuttlefish > sounds exactly like the octos i fought in the war
MC.Princess > The battle stages she makes involve traps and stuff where you float, and you don't see things like that anywhere else...
CraigCuttlefish > only octarian military has that technology im telling you
MC.Princess > Huh, so Marina is involved with the Octarian military? I just...
MC.Princess > OH SNAP I remember her saying something about the Calamari Inkantation changing her life! and it's right there in the file!
CraigCuttlefish > that song has powers no one can explain no fan of that song is a foe of mine
MC.Princess > Right?! She might have some skeletons in her closet, but who doesn't am i right? Marina is one of the best people i know.
CraigCuttlefish > i guess shes okay for an octo
MC.Princess > I swear, cuttlefish. If you try to splat Marina I WILL CUT A FISH. U GOT THAT?
CraigCuttlefish > i um ok
MC.Princess > Good. Keep your head in the game, 8.


■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Whew, I'm back. Sorry about that!
MC.Princess > Yo welcome back. Where u been tho?
DJ_Hyperfresh > Sorry, I dozed off at home for a bit...
CraigCuttlefish > welcome back young lady im glad you are here
DJ_Hyperfresh > Uh... What's with him?
MC.Princess > Sorry, squid's outta the bag. He brought out his top secret Octarian file and everything
DJ_Hyperfresh > ...
MC.Princess > That's on me, Marina. I never meant to dig into your past
DJ_Hyperfresh > Um...
MC.Princess > See old dude here used to fight against the Octarians
CraigCuttlefish > no fan of the Inkantation is a foe of mine. i dont see species
MC.Princess > See? everything's totally cool. kinda
DJ_Hyperfresh > ...
CraigCuttlefish > you are so articulate marina
DJ_Hyperfresh > wow
MC.Princess > Sorry... I mean, I always knew you were different, even if we never talked about it. I always figured...you know... with the jokes and stuff...
DJ_Hyperfresh > I never knew how to talk to you about it. Do you think...
DJ_Hyperfresh > Do you think I'll still be welcome in Inkopolis? Once everyone knows I'm an Octoling?
MC.Princess > ARE YOU KIDDING? Of course you will! everyone loves you!
DJ_Hyperfresh > Thanks, Pearlie. ;__;
MC.Princess > OK stop it with the waterworks before I change my mind
CraigCuttlefish > agent 8 is also an octarian but also appreciates the inkantation
MC.Princess > It all makes sense now
DJ_Hyperfresh > I could tell right away that Agent 8 had also been touched by the Calamari Inkantation.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Once our souls have been freed, there's no way we can continue to live under the oppression of Octarian society.
MC.Princess > Which is why we all need to work together
DJ_Hyperfresh > Agent 8, if you're reading this, we believe in you. Keep going. We'll do everything in our power to get you out of there.
DJ_Hyperfresh > ;__;
MC.Princess > OK shut it down


CraigCuttlefish > ILL BE BACK
MC.Princess > You've got your caps lock key on again, old man
CraigCuttlefish > ill be back
MC.Princess > Aight
■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > What's going on, Pearl?
MC.Princess > Just trying to teach an old squid new tricks. Cap here was typing in all caps again
DJ_Hyperfresh > That makes sense. You've got a knack for teaching. ♪
MC.Princess > What do you mean?
CraigCuttlefish > how do I make music notes
MC.Princess > Just click the smiley face to bring up the emoji panel. It's in there somewhere
DJ_Hyperfresh > Haha, remember when we first met, Pearl? I had just come to the surface, and I didn't understand Inkopolis at all. You taught me everything I needed to know.
MC.Princess > LOL yeah. I remember thinking you were some country bumpkin when we first met on Mt. Nantai.
CraigCuttlefish > ♪
DJ_Hyperfresh > I went to Mount Nantai every day for a week, just hoping you would show up again.
MC.Princess > Bahaha yeah, I thought you were a stalker. I remember you singing when I showed up and then out of nowhere you were all like "LET'S START A BAND!"
DJ_Hyperfresh > I just had a feeling about you. I guess it worked out, cause look at us now!
MC.Princess > I mean, that first song you showed me was fire, so I had to say yes
MC.Princess > Actually, I think I still have the file on my desktop. One sec...
MC.Princess > Boom
MC.Princess > Ebb&FlowDemo.frsh;
DJ_Hyperfresh > HAHA YES. I haven't heard this in forever. This is the demo version of Ebb & Flow!
CraigCuttlefish > How do I make question marks
MC.Princess > You still here?
MC.Princess > The question mark should be in the bottom right of your keyboard. Knock yourself out
MC.Princess > LOL Marina I just remembered you made that entire demo using that half-busted keyboard you had. But somehow the hook was still dope
DJ_Hyperfresh > Couldn't have done it without you...and that ridiculous recording studio you have in your house. Those old-school drum machines are legit.
CraigCuttlefish > ?
MC.Princess > We're saying we could tell the track was bumpin. Try to keep up cap
DJ_Hyperfresh > I think maybe he's just... Actually, nevermind.
MC.Princess > Sorry about him.
DJ_Hyperfresh > I was shocked the first time I heard you rap. I thought for sure you were gonna be wack tbh, but once you started spittin I was like, "dang, this munchkin got bars."
MC.Princess > Haha shut up. Never underestimate the Pearl. aka MC Reverse Psychology, aka MC Danger Noodle
CraigCuttlefish > ???//?????////??/
MC.Princess > She's the DJ, I'm the rapper is what I'm saying, Cap! What don't you get about this?!
DJ_Hyperfresh > Anyway, I know we talk a lot of smack on the show and all, but I just wanted to say thanks. For everything.


CraigCuttlefish > My name is Cuttlefish, but I don't cuddle with fish. My only wish is for a delicious dish.
MC.Princess > Maybe stick that one back in the oven, cap
■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Hey! ♪
MC.Princess > Yooo
CraigCuttlefish > Hello there
DJ_Hyperfresh > What are you guys up to?
MC.Princess > Just workshopping some rhymes
MC.Princess > The captain decided he wants to be a rapper, but he's not exactly comin correct with these rhymes yet
CraigCuttlefish > No fan of hip-hop is a foe of mine. I don't see genre.
DJ_Hyperfresh > I know! Let's look at one of Pearl's old verses. Back before she knew anything about meter or rhythm...
DJ_Hyperfresh >

Who need friends on this dark, cold night?

Not this rhymin' soldier—I'm a stark, bold knight!

On a higher level up here, can you feel me?

This Pearl's one of a kind, but my fam knows the real me!

CraigCuttlefish > Ooh this is on fire. You are a sickly rapper Pearl.
MC.Princess > Thanks?
MC.Princess > This is back when I was first comin up, before Marina and I met. I may not have known what I was doing, but I had heart
MC.Princess > Haha, remember this one? It only sold like 1000 copies...digital AND physical
MC.Princess > rec_bow_down_ball_gig08.mp8
DJ_Hyperfresh > I always liked this one... What's it called again?
MC.Princess > "#$@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin"
DJ_Hyperfresh > LOL that's right. I remember the stations refused to play it. For obvious reasons.
MC.Princess > But right after that we formed Off the Hook and recorded Ebb & Flow. That song sold like crabby cakes
CraigCuttlefish > Off what hook now?
MC.Princess > You seriously don't know? Geez old man. It's the name of the group me and Marina are in
CraigCuttlefish > Is it fresh?
MC.Princess > is it fresh? Come on my dude
MC.Princess > But furreal tho, the reviews of our first show had me worried for a minute there
DJ_Hyperfresh > Yeah, they described me as "the tall exotic-looking girl standing next to Pearl."
MC.Princess > BAHAHA
MC.Princess > Yeah, after that first show, the few fans I had kinda fell off
MC.Princess > But we won em back eventually.
MC.Princess > Good thing we did, or this Inkopolis News gig never woulda happened
DJ_Hyperfresh > Yeah, luckily our fourth single was a hit, right around the time Callie and Marie decided to move on
MC.Princess > We got really lucky with that Squid Sisters timing
CraigCuttlefish > Squid Sisters?
MC.Princess > Yeah cap, aren't those your grandkids?
MC.Princess > You know...
MC.Princess >
CraigCuttlefish > That reminds me. I should probably check in with them soon.
MC.Princess > They're probs worried about you
DJ_Hyperfresh > I'm sure they're keeping busy. I mean, their solo careers got so big, they outgrew Inkopolis News!
MC.Princess > Yo we've gotta up our networking game for real. We can't do Inkopolis News forever
DJ_Hyperfresh > Well we already have an offer from Humpback Pump Track to shoot a commercial. Once you learn how to ride without training wheels, of course.
MC.Princess > ...


■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has joined the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Sup, gurrrrrrrrrrrl.
CraigCuttlefish > Welcome back ♪
MC.Princess > So, I went back to Inkopolis Square to buy some juice, and like
MC.Princess > There's a bunch of Octolings just hanging out!
CraigCuttlefish > The Octarians are upon us
DJ_Hyperfresh > I'm so happy! It's all the Octolings who were reborn when they heard the Calamari Inkantation!
CraigCuttlefish > No fan of the Inkantation is a foe of mine. I don't see species.
MC.Princess > Yeah... anyway, this is amazing!
DJ_Hyperfresh > I'm sure the Octolings will pick up the ins and outs of Inkling culture in no time! And hopefully add some of their own flavor too. ^_^
MC.Princess > YESSSSS I can't wait to hear more Octarian music bumpin thru the city
MC.Princess > You think they'll want in on turf war?
DJ_Hyperfresh > Of course!
MC.Princess > NOICE!!!1!
MC.Princess > Naw cap. It aint like that
MC.Princess > Kids from our generation treat turf war battles like a sport. You know, for fun?
CraigCuttlefish > Is that so? ♪
DJ_Hyperfresh > And it sounds like some of them are already working for Grizzco!
MC.Princess > Dang. Makes sense tho. "The enemy of my enemy" and all that
DJ_Hyperfresh > Except we're not enemies...
MC.Princess > True that. You reading all this, 8? The sooner you get outta there, the sooner we can turf war it up together!

Bonus Track

MC.Princess > I'm still zonked from pulling an all-nighter for the Splatfest... Gonna nap bye
■Webmaster■ > MC.Princess has left the chatroom.
DJ_Hyperfresh > Sorry, me too >__<
CraigCuttlefish > As you wish
DJ_Hyperfresh > C ya
■Webmaster■ > DJ_Hyperfresh has left the chatroom.
CraigCuttlefish > ??♪?♪?♪?☺☺☺☺
■Webmaster■ > Agent 2 has joined the chatroom.
Agent 2 > Huh?
Agent 2 > Hellooo?
CraigCuttlefish > agent two
Agent 2 > Wait... Gramps?!
■Webmaster■ > CraigCuttlefish has left the chatroom.
■Webmaster■ > CraigCuttlefish has joined the chatroom.
Agent 2 > Whoa, Gramps, calm down
Agent 2 > What's the deal with this chatroom? Ew... This isn't like a dating site, is it?
Agent 2 > No, that would be... ew.
Agent 2 > Where are you right now?
Agent 2 > Is Agent 3 with you?
CraigCuttlefish > We're both fine. Just protecting Inkopolis
Agent 2 > I'm so glad you're okay. I haven't heard from you in a while.
Agent 2 > Any idea when you'll be home?
CraigCuttlefish > Not sure
Agent 2 > Should I put dinner together?
CraigCuttlefish > Already ate
Agent 2 > Come on, no you didn't...
Agent 2 > Work's really busy right now, so if you don't come home soon...
CraigCuttlefish > seaweed stew
CraigCuttlefish > that sounds good
Agent 2 > Seaweed stew it is. I'll have it ready for you, k?
Agent 2 > Alright, I'll be at Cuttlefish Cabin whenever you decide to come back. Take care of yourself, Gramps. And stay fresh.
■Webmaster■ > Agent 2 has left the chatroom.